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JRChambers and Associates, LLC is managed by James Richard Chambers (Richard). Mr. Chambers is a proven CEO and executive, a serial and successful entrepreneur, a seasoned lender, a trusted investor and marketing leader. 

Mr. Chambers has industry expertise in banking, financial services (including insurance, loans, credit enhancement, leasing, factoring, check cashing(consumer and B2B), prepaid consumer services, check authorization systems, money service businesses, capital formation and debtor creditor relationships), restaurants, commercial and residential real estate (including development, lending, finance, management and construction), point of sale technology, database decision systems, and for profit health care. 

Quality results, focused advice, team building, and making business decisions from the ownership's point of view are hallmarks of the JRChambers and Associates, LLC approach to client service.

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"The most successful small dollar lenders use strategic deployment of add-on products to capture market share of the consumer financial services market." 

 - Richard Chambers